Merry Sunday

That time of the week

Hey there,

Ethan and Alex here. We’re the guys behind Merry Sunday, a small Product Design start-up based in Switzerland.

We think you’ll agree that, more than ever, we’re all spending more and more time at home. That’s why we believe we should surround ourselves with things we love. Things that help us relax. Things that make us think of Sunday.

Because Sundays are cozy. Sundays are warm. It’s that time of the week when you can actually take the time to rest and pursue whatever it is that makes you, well, happy.

Pancake towers. Three-hour baths. Afternoon naps. Putting things off. Out-of-tune guitar strumming. Off-key singing in the shower. Strolling around in your underwear. Or not wearing any at all.

Our mission is to create beautiful, innovative products that fit right into that picture. If board games are part of your Sundays, do make sure to go check out our very first product!

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